Galavant Season 2 Review

Gal Poster

Man, that was just super fun. A comedy extravaganza indeed, “Galavant” is so unbelievably wacky but it just works on all fronts because it is so committed to being ridiculous and nutty. There were absolutely many indications that the show wouldn’t be renewed for a second season since the show didn’t garner a big audience, a lot of people aren’t into musical television shows, and it didn’t seem like something ABC would keep on. Thankfully they did, as the second season vastly improved upon its already fun and hilarious first season. I mean come on, part of the first hour of the season is called “A New Season aka Suck It Cancellation Bear”. This is just creator Dan Fogelman sticking it to the powers that be after his previous also wacky “The Neighbors” was cancelled even after receiving a loyal following. Aside from the show’s ruthless commitment to its foolishness and pop culture references (in a show set in medieval times), the show is unique thanks to Alan Menken and Christopher Lennertz’ brilliant and catchy musical numbers.

This season picks up after the event of King Richard (Timothy Omundson) having had his throne taken by Queen Madalena (Mallory Jansen) and his longtime guard Gareth (Vinnie Jones); even though Richard took the throne of Valencia himself from Isabella’s (Karen David) parents, but that’s beside the point; and is now banished along with Galavant (Joshua Sasse). Isabella has fled to Hortensia along with her parents, Chef, Gwynne, and Jester, but is now being held captive there so that she doesn’t run away from her arranged marriage to her 11 year old ruling cousin of Hortensia. Aware of this, Galavant is off to save his one true love Isabella while Richard tags along since he has nowhere else to go.

I loved this season so much because it became even nuttier, the musical numbers were hilarious, the execution of every joke and pop culture reference was perfect, and because it created two pairs of relationships I didn’t expect to be this hilarious in Galavant & Richard, and Madalena & Gareth. The entire cast is wonderfully charismatic and bring life to their characters, which makes the show such a joy and pleasure to watch. I don’t think there was a single character in this season I disliked, they were all great. Another improvement from season 1 was the show’s guest stars. Not to say that the guest stars in season 1 were bad, on the contrary they were funny but they didn’t particularly serve a greater purpose to the plot. However, this season had many of its guest stars move the plot forward, with my favorite being Robert Lindsay’s “Wormwood” (“It’s not DEW, it’s D’DEW, the Dark Dark Evil Way”). The second season ended in spectacular fashion, let us hope ABC hears our pleas and renews the show for season 3. If not, “the DEL” (Dark Evil Lord) will not be pleased.

Rating: 9.4/10


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