American Horror Story: Freakshow Premiere Review (Spoiler-Free)

The much anticipated horror anthology series is back in its 4th season. American Horror Story comes out with a new story and set of characters every season which have included a murder house (season 1), an asylum (season 2), and a witch coven (season 3). This season is called “Freakshow” and it follows one of the last remaining freak shows in America; this one being in Jupiter, Florida; and how the members of the group struggle for the shows survival as well as being outcast by the people of Jupiter. Show creator Ryan Murphy has stated several times that this season will be the darkest and creepiest of the 4 seasons, so I’m excited about that. The new season brings back series regulars Jessica Lange (as Elsa Mars), Sarah Paulson (as Bette & Dot Tattler), Evan Peters (as Jimmy Darling), Frances Conroy (as Gloria Mott), Denis O’Hare (as Stanley), Emma Roberts (as Maggie Esmerelda), Angela Bassett (as Desiree Dupree), and Kathy Bates (as Ethel Darling). The season also introduced new faces to the series such as Michael Chiklis (as Dell Toledo), Finn Wittrock (as Dandy Mott), John Carroll Lynch (as Twisty the Clown), Wes Bentley (as Edward Mordrake), and Patti LaBelle (as Nora). I’m always excited when a new season of AHS premieres because they always start out with a bang and this one has definitely been the best premiere so far. We haven’t met all the characters yet, but from the ones we’ve seen, they’re all very interesting and it will be exciting to see how each of them develop. One thing I’m worried about this season is if it will follow the trend where the show’s writers tend to get lazy and incorporate wacky side plots into the season. The first 3 seasons all started out very well and I enjoyed them, but each of the last 3 episodes of each season started to become tedious and end with disappointing finales, especially season 3. Freakshow has some great potential which is attributed to a cast that is always energetic and engaging (Sarah Paulson in this premiere was fantastic, I can totally see an Emmy in her hands after this performance) and one of the creepiest atmospheres we have seen in the show’s run (Asylum being the creepiest so far).

Season Premiere Rating: 8.9/10
*After just one episode, the show has been renewed for season 5


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