Bastille Concert


Hey look! A post that’s not about Television! For the past month I knew that Temple’s Liacouras Center would be hosting Bastille. Bastille is a pretty new band from London, England that debuted their first album “Bad Blood” last year and gained a lot of popularity pretty quickly. I became a fan late in 2013 through some friends who had listened to their music shortly after their debut. They added an extended version to their “Bad Blood” album with an additional 13 tracks and called it “All This Bad Blood”. I enjoy their music very much with my favorites including “These Streets”, “Of the Night”, “Bad Blood”, and “Things We Lost in the Fire”, with their signature track being “Pompeii”. Hearing that my university would be hosting the band was exciting, and I had wanted to buy a ticket for a while. It took me long time to buy the ticket because I wanted to find someone to go with, but no luck, so I will admit that I went to the concert alone, but it really didn’t bother me at all in the end. For those wondering (as I myself was thinking the same thing) if going to a concert by yourself is weird, it isn’t weird at all and I can explain why. Yes, going to a concert with friends can increase the level of enjoyment, but going alone won’t diminish that level of enjoyment and in fact, it all depends on you and how you handle the situation. First of all, if you’re going alone, you don’t have to worry about getting there late because of how long your friends are taking to get ready, because it’s all on you, you know when the concert starts, and you know when you want to be there. Secondly, you bought this ticket, you want to be there because you like the music you’re about to listen to for the next couple of hours and when you go with friends, some of them just go with you because they want to hang out and aren’t really into the music. They will probably be wondering when it will end or ask you if this is the last song and really bring down the mood and distract you from the concert. Thirdly, when you’re there and the concert is going on and you’re worried about how others will see you and judge you if you start jammin (yes I just used jammin) to the music by yourself, fuck them. You more than likely paid the same amount of money as they did to be there so go all out! Enjoy yourself! Let them judge instead of actually enjoying the concert they paid to see. Also, there are hundreds of other people around you who will be doing the same so if you really are that worried about it, try blending in with them, but more than likely the people around you won’t notice or give a fuck (unless if they’re just assholes who are there to judge) and will be enjoying the concert themselves. Lastly, you’re in control of the time, if you feel like you’ve had enough, then leave, if you want to stay longer, than stay there longer because there isn’t anyone with you trying to get you to leave early or stay later. Okay now that I’m done explaining that it’s perfectly okay to go to a concert alone, let’s talk about the actual concert. The concert began at around 8 and opened with this new band called “Grizfolk” and they were okay, but everyone was ready to see Bastille and when the lead singer of Grizfolk kept teasing by saying, “You guys ready for Bastille?” and the crowd went wild, they kept playing more music (he did this three times). So Bastille actually started playing at around 9:10-ish, and let me say this, they do not disappoint. They’re so energetic and the music is as awesome as when you hear it on your computer. The concert will go on for about an hour and 20 minutes and when they’re done you will want them to keep performing because they’re that good. I didn’t realize that this concert was their first one of their new tour. They’re playing in Los Angeles in late November so I would definitely go see them again. You can check out their tour dates here: http://www.bastillebastille.com/live/. The concert was awesome, I really did have a great time and got myself a pretty neat sweater. For anyone thinking about whether they should buy a ticket to see Bastille, do it. I promise it is money well spent, they do not disappoint, and remember, if you want to go alone, go for it! Nothing wrong with it, I doubted doing it but I’m really glad I went.



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