Gracepoint Mini-series Premiere Review (SPOILERS AHEAD)

The new Fox miniseries is a 10 part mystery event adapted from the BBC show Broadchurch and follows two detectives searching for the killer of a young boy in a small California town where cases like this are rarely seen and shake up the entire town. The show stars Anna Gunn (as Detective Ellie Miller), David Tennant (as Detective Emmett Carver; Tennant plays the same character in the BBC version), Virginia Kull (as Beth Solano), Josh Hamilton (as Joe Miller), Kevin Zegers (as Owen), Jessica Lucas (as Renee), Sarah-Jane Potts (as Gemma Fisher), Jack Irvine (as Tom Miller), Michael Peña (as Mark Solano), Nick Nolte (as Jack Reinhold) and Jacki Weaver (as Susan Wright). Ellie Miller has come back to work from a 2 month vacation where she finds that a new Detective by the name of Emmett Carver has taken the position she was supposed to be promoted to and must work with him on a new case. The case surrounds the apparent suicide of a young boy which Ellie knows personally, and later evidence points out that it was a homicide. The case is accidentally leaked to the town by Ellie when she speaks with her nephew Owen who is journalist. Ellie whom is inexperienced with homicide cases must now search for the killer with her tough new partner Carver. The common problem most critics have had with the show is that it is almost identical in every aspect to the British version which doesn’t make any adjustments for American audiences. I personally haven’t seen Broadchurch so I very much enjoyed Gracepoint thanks to Anna Gunn and David Tennants’ talents and think it will keep building up to a great and suspenseful finale.

Episode 1 Score: 8.3/10


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