Scandal Season 4 Premiere & How to Get Away with Murder Series Premiere Reviews (SPOILERS AHEAD)


Executive Producer Shonda Rhimes basically owns Thursday nights for ABC, as 3 of her shows all air on the same night starting with Grey’s Anatomy (I don’t watch it but it must be good enough for it to be on its 10th season) at 8, followed by Scandal at 9, and ending with How to Get Away with Murder at 10. So starting off with Scandal, Kerry Washington (as Olivia Pope) is back in action along with her co-stars Scott Foley (as Jake Ballard), Darby Stanchfield (as Abby Whelan), Katie Lowes (as Quinn Perkins), Guillermo Diaz (as Huck), Joshua Malina (as David Rosen), Jeff Perry (as Cyrus Beene), Bellamy Young (as Mellie Grant), and Tony Goldwyn (as President Fitzgerald Grant). The season starts off with Olivia and Jake off in a remote island away from all the havoc that occurred in season 3 (Olivia’s crazy ass and murderous parents, her relationship with Fitz, etc.). Olivia gets a letter informing her that her colleague Harrison was found murdered in the desert (Harrison was played by Columbus Short who was kicked off the show after his personal problems at home escalated and found him facing charges of domestic violence) so now she must go back to arrange his funeral where she finds that the rest of her colleagues have moved on after she abandoned them. While she and Jake both agreed that they would only be back in DC till the end of the funeral, Olivia observes at all the changes that have occurred while she has been away. She changes her mind and decides to stay while she tries to rekindle her friendships with her colleagues. The season 4 premiere was a little slow but I like how the show is developing its characters once again since each has gone through their share of problems and will be interesting to see how their past and present problems affects them each especially Olivia.

Scandal Season 4 Premiere rating: 8.1/10

Now onto How to Get Away with Murder, which I was very excited about because I had already had love for Shonda and her work on Scandal that her new project starring the gigantically talented Viola Davis was very promising. The show stars Viola Davis (as Annalise Keating), Alfie Enoch (as Wes Gibbins), Charlie Weber (as Frank Delfino), Billy Brown (as Nate Leahy), Jack Falahee (as Connor Walsh), Aja Naomi King (as Michaela Pratt), Karla Souza (as Laurel Castillo), Liza Weil (as Bonnie Winterbottom), Katie Findlay (as Rebecca Dixon), and Matt McGorry (as Asher Millstone). The show follows a group of ambitious law students (which include Wes, Connor, Michaela, Laurel, and Asher) and their tough as nails but brilliant professor Annalise and become involved in a murder plot that will inevitably change their lives and will certainly come with plenty of consequences in the future. The pilot was fantastic, the plot is so engaging and Viola Davis is commanding in all of her scenes. While none of the students; except for Wes (maybe); embody any good qualities, they still manage to keep the audience engaged by showing that they will go to any lengths to succeed above the rest of the group of students. The show is off to an amazing start with a solid cast led by the remarkable Viola Davis, and a plot that is so good that I imagine each episode will leave you on the edge of your seat.

How to Get Away with Murder “Pilot” Review: 9.1/10


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