Gotham Series Premiere Review (SPOILERS AHEAD)

To say that I was excited about Gotham was an understatement. I love DC Comics and prefer them over the Marvel Comics and when I heard that FOX was making this I was ecstatic. I am already so hooked on The CWs adaptation of Green Arrow’s story called “Arrow” (that show is fucking awesome, if you have a chance, see it too), and was also excited to hear that Arrow’s creators were now working on bringing “The Flash” to television as well (I had the chance to see the shows’ pilot and have to say that it is very promising, but it did include a lot of details for a pilot. Nonetheless I am still looking forward to it very much). So back to Gotham. The cast includes Ben Mckenzie (as Detective James Gordon), Donal Logue (as Detective Harvey Bullock), Zabryna Guevara (as Captain Sarah Essen), David Mazouz (as the young Bruce Wayne), Camren Bicondova (as the young Selina Kyle), Robin Lord Taylor (as Oswald Cobblepot), Erin Richards (as Barbara Kean), Sean Pertwee (as Alfred Pennyworth), and Jada Pinkett Smith (as Fish Mooney). The show is not centered around Batman and his story; though we will see a lot of the young Bruce Wayne who just witnessed his parents being murdered in cold blood; but about the origins of his future enemies (such as Catwoman, The Penguin, The Riddler, and Poison Ivy just to name a few), and James Gordon’s story before he becomes the commissioner of Gotham. The show started off a bit overdramatic especially when we see Bruce’s parents being murdered. But the show quickly gained its footing with an energetic cast leading the way through and some pretty good action scenes as well. The episode mostly centered on James and Harvey trying to catch Bruce’s parents’ killer and when they do James finds out that the suspect they found and killed was framed. He later catches on to the corruption within the police unit including his partner Harvey influenced by Fish Mooney and her boss. The show managed to do well in the audience aspect as the pilot was seen by 8 million viewers which is a strong start. The show that led the night was the CBS returning comedy The Big Bang Theory with 17.8 million viewers. I liked the pilot very much and would recommend it of course to DC fans, but also to viewers who are looking for a new show to watch, and should give Gotham a chance. I for one wasn’t disappointed.

Gotham “Pilot” Rating: 8.4/10


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