The Good Wife Season 1 Review


As I said before, I watch a lot of television, so I decided to start the CBS drama The Good Wife. The show stars Julianna Margulies (as Alicia Florrick), Matt Czuchry (as Cary Agos), Archie Panjabi (as Kalinda Sharma, my favorite character on the show), Graham Phillips and Makenzie Vega (as Alicia’s kids Zach and Grace), Josh Charles (as Will Gardner), Christine Baranski (as Diane Lockhart), and Chris Noth (as Peter Florrick; he comes up as “Special Guest Star”, but he really should’ve been put in the main cast billing as the story mostly centers around him and Alicia). The show centers on Alicia who has to cope with a humiliating sex scandal that her husband; who is a State Attorney; has been involved in for which he is sent to prison. Alicia must now provide for her family while Peter is behind bars, and goes back to work as a litigator in a law firm led by her longtime college friend Will (Charles) and Diane (Baranski). It’s not an easy road that lies ahead for Alicia as she must compete for her position at the firm against the very confident and pompous Cary (Czuchry) while struggling to continue to be a good wife to her husband Peter even though she knows he has been unfaithful, so that her kids don’t grow up without their father. The show is led by a great cast and is sharply written mostly by the show’s creators, Robert and Michelle King. It also features many great performances from the guest actors and actresses (most notably Alan Cumming, Martha Plimpton, Dylan Baker, Mamie Gummer, and Gary Cole). The show has a soapy atmosphere to it but it’s not over the top to a point where it’s unbearable as Daytime television. All in all the first season of the Good Wife is very good, with a strong ensemble, a great script, and a plot that is very engaging and leaves you hooked.

Season 1: 8.4/10


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